The International Diabetes Federation has organized nine workshops since 2008 (one per IDF region) dedicated to translational research in diabetes. The aim of the workshops is to help potential "applicants" to BRIDGES, and other funding programmes linked to translational research, to develop their skills in methodology, study design, and other relevant elements.

Each Workshop lasted for one day, and the number of participants was limited to 15 people per workshop. The workshops are free of charge.

About Us

BRIDGES is managed by an Executive Committee composed of members of the international diabetes community.


  • Linda Siminerio, USA


  • Gordon Bunyan, Australia, Vice-President, International Diabetes Federation
  • Larry Ellingson, USA
  • Sheridan Waldron, United Kingdom
  • Venkat Narayan, USA
  • One representative of Lilly Diabetes as observer with no voting rights.

Projects are selected by our Review Committee chaired by Juan José Gagliardino (Argentina) and Ayesha Motala (South Africa).

Supported Projects

The first four rounds of funding resulted in 38 projects (22 short-term and 16 long-term) being selected to be financially supported by BRIDGES.






1. What is translational research?

General information

The first three rounds of funding for BRIDGES have been completed. Information about further rounds will be made available here soon.



BRIDGES (Bringing Research in Diabetes to Global Environments and Systems) is a programme of the International Diabetes Federation, and supported by an educational grant from Lilly Diabetes.