Life for a Child

Australian school gives generous donation to LFAC

The Meriden School in Strathfield, Sydney, Australia hosts a dance each year for students in Years 7 to 9. The dance is organised by the School's Interact Club (a junior Rotary Club). $5,000 Australian dollars (USD 5,250) was raised from the dance, and this was donated to the IDF Life for a Child programme. The pictures shows Dr. Graham Ogle (General Manager of the programme) with members of the Interact Club.

Helmsley Trust agrees substantial grant to LFAC

IDF is delighted to announce that the The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust has agreed a grant of US$1.193 million over two years for IDF’s Life for a Child programme (LFAC).

This is the first time the Helmsley trust, a private New York-based foundation, has donated to IDF.

This tremendous success follows on from last year’s grant from the Fondation de l’Orangerie and its donors and is now the largest in cash donation that LFAC has ever received.

Annual Report showcases 2010 achievements

The International Diabetes Federation's Life for a Child Programme has published its Annual Report 2010, showcasing the many highlights of a successful year. Key achievements included eight new countries joining the programme, bringing the total to 28, and a twofold increase in the number of children supported, with an additional 3,500 young people receiving insulin through Life for a Child.

IDF partner organises special activity to raise funds for Life for a Child

On 1-4 June, IDF Corporate Partner Boehringer Ingelheim continued its support for the Federation's Life for a Child Programme by raising funds with a special activity organised at their booth during the annual meeting of the German Diabetes Association (DiabetesDE) in Leipzig.

Life for a Child film wins award at Houston International Film Festival

'In the Hearts of Africa', the second in the Life for a Child documentary film series, has been awarded the Silver Medal at the Houston International Film Festival, which recently took place on 8-17 April.

Filmed in the Democratic Republic of Congo, "In the Hearts of Africa" features children with type 1 diabetes in the country, following their day-to-day lives as they struggle to survive in the impoverished capital city of Kinshasa.

Life for a Child receives support from T1D Exchange

The International Diabetes Federation is delighted to announce that T1D Exchange - a type 1 diabetes data exchange will support IDF’s Life for a Child Programme. T1D is a new not for profit project that hopes to become the largest type 1 diabetes study ever. It comprises of three components; a clinical registry, biobank, and web-based patient portal.


Fondation de l'Orangerie

La Programa Life for a Child es el destinatario de una donación muy generosa de la Fondation de l'Orangerie y sus donantes. La donación, que se extenderá durante un período de dos años, ayudará a garantizar la sostenibilidad y la expansión de Life for a Child.


Fondation de l'Orangerie

Le Programme Life for a Child est le bénéficiare d'un don très généreux de la part de la Fondation de l'Orangerie et ses donateurs. Le don, qui sera étalé sur une période de deux ans, permettra d'assurer la viabilité et l'expansion de Life for a Child.


Fondation de l'Orangerie

The IDF Life for a Child Programme is the recipient of a very generous donation from the Fondation de l’Orangerie and its donors. The donation, which will be spread over a period of two years, will help ensure the sustainability and expansion of Life for a Child.


Population: 50 million (June 2009 est.)

GDP per capita (PPP): $1,300 (2009 est.)

Uganda is a landlocked country in East Africa, bordered by Kenya, Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Tanzania. Since the mid-1980s Uganda has enjoyed relative political stability and with this solid economic growth. In terms of public health the Ugandan Government has a strong commitment to improve chronically underfunded health care services and improve access for the general population.