Life for a Child

Life for a Child to launch 1,000 Young Lives donor campaign

For over 70,000 young people with diabetes in developing countries, living with diabetes is constantly life threatening. Access to insulin, blood glucose monitoring, diabetes education and specialised diabetes care are often out of reach, increasing the likelihood of complications and, all too frequently, death.

Spare a Rose 2014 campaign a stunning success!

In 2012, six entrepreneurial advocates of the IDF Life for a Child (LFAC) Programme from the Diabetes Online Community (DOC), with support from Johnson & Johnson, created the inspirational “Spare a Rose, Save a Child” campaign and raised US$3,000 for the Programme.

LFAC site visit: sharing expertise in Mexico

Emma Naughton, an International Development and Human Rights expert, and her husband Professor James Ron, have been supporters and advocates of the Life for a Child Programme for several years.

Start-up programme helping build a future for young adults with diabetes in India

Nurturing career options for young adults with diabetes in the developing world is a stepping stone from which individuals can build a living, and a means with which they can afford to pay for essential diabetes supplies not subsidised by the government.

Spare a Rose, Save a Child this Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day, Partnering for Diabetes Change (P4DC), a coalition of people living with diabetes and industry representatives aiming to address unmet needs in diabetes through community and collaboration, is running an online campaign to raise money and awareness for the IDF Life for a Child Programme.

LFAC joins forces with Marjorie’s Fund to support children with diabetes

The collaboration between independent organisations within the international diabetes community is growing to be a major component of success in the global fight against diabetes. Collective work across a range of sectors, contributes to tremendous action being done locally by passionate health professionals, diabetes advocates, and governments.

Qatari school organises diabetes week and raises funds for Life for a Child

Un partenaire de la FID sensibilise le grand public et collecte des fonds pour Life for a Child

Boehringer Ingelheim, partenaire de la Fédération Internationale du Diabète, a fait don de 25 000 € au programme Life for a Child (LFAC), témoignant ainsi son soutien pour la cinquième année.

Un colaborador de la FID crea conciencia y recauda dinero para Life for a Child

Boehringer Ingelheim, un colaborador de la Federación Internacional de Diabetes, ha donado 25.000 € para el programa Life for a Child (LFAC). Este es el quinto año que apoya el programa.

Como parte de sus celebraciones del Día Mundial de la Diabetes en la sede en Ingelheim, los empleados participaron en varias actividades como la "Carrera por la Diabetes" para recaudar 15.000 € para LFAC. 10.000 € han venido de una "Firma mural" organizada en la 49ª Asamblea Anual de la Asociación Europea para el Estudio de la Diabetes (EASD) en Barcelona en septiembre.

Life for a Child launches pocketbook for management of diabetes in young people in resource-poor settings

The IDF Life for a Child Programme (LFAC) recently launched the Pocketbook for Management of Diabetes in Childhood and Adolescence in Under-Resourced Countries at the World Diabetes Congress in Melbourne.