Type 1 diabetes: quo vadis?

In this special issue of Diabetes Voice, there is a focus on type 1 diabetes. In tackling the world pandemic of diabetes, and the critical importance of making societal change to arrest the staggering rise in the prevalence of type 2 diabetes, it is easy for the needs of the 10% of people with diabetes who have type 1 diabetes to be forgotten. Yet incidence of type 1 diabetes is also rising – at 3% per year (see page 6) - and as Professor M'Banya points out in his editorial, people with type 1 diabetes worldwide are still dying because of missed diagnoses or inadequate insulin supply. The disease particularly affects children: IDF estimates that there are over half a million children with type 1 diabetes currently. But another danger exists in forgetting that type 1 diabetes can arise at any age and that focusing attention only on children may disenfranchise adults living with the disease. Be they children or adults, the needs of the people with type 1 diabetes are different from those of the majority of people with diabetes and have to be be addressed separately.