Vivir Con Diabetes Education and Information Center, Cochabamba, Bolivia



The Education and Information Center “Living with Diabetes” is a non-profit organization that was born to provide comprehensive care and education in diabetes to avoid the severe complications this disease can cause. Its main objective is to spread education and information in order to improve the quality of life of people with diabetes, and a reduction of emotional and financial costs to individuals, institutions and governments.

Mission. Provide comprehensive, up to date and high quality diabetes education to all people with diabetes who need it regardless of their social and economic situation.

Vision. That people with diabetes in Bolivia are informed, have access to everything needed to properly control their diabetes and avoid complications in the future.


● Specialized Medical Care in Endocrinology

● Related Interconsultation Specialties

● Ophthalmology Clinic: non-mydriatic camera for the Early Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy. Treatment of diabetic retinopathy, Laser.

● Clinical Laboratory Analysis

● Diabetes Medication (Pharmacy)

● Diabetic Foot Unit: Podiatry, Chiropody, Physiotherapy.

● Dental Clinic

● Psychological Consultation

● Nutrition Clinic

● Social Work

● Self-management supplies

● Diabetes Education

● Physiotherapy

● Healthy Restaurant Food

Education, Prevention and Support Progammes for people with scarce resources

Program for Prevention and Early Diagnosis of the Diabetic Foot. Its objectives are: to identify patients at risk for complications of the foot; health education; early detection and treatment of injuries.

Insulin for Life Programme, in partnership with Insulin for Life Australia and Insulin zum Lebem from Germany and Austria. Self-management support programme aimed at people with diabetes with low income who benefit from the provision of insulin and supplies for self-management.

Insulin Programme for Children. Insulin staffing and self-management supplies programme for children and youth with Type 1 Diabetes in Bolivia. The implementation includes three components: clinical, educational and psychosocial.

Program "Healthy Eating For A Healthier Life." Programme that aims to raise awareness about the need of a healthy eating, teaching with a series of educational materials, workshops and other activities, the most important aspects of food.

Forecast Program "Don’t lose the light of the look in your eyes." Program for prevention and early diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy aimed at reducing the incidence and impact of diabetic retinopathy in our community through awareness of prevention and early diagnosis in urban, suburban and rural areas of Bolivia.

Program "Prevention." Structured education course for people with type 2 diabetes and their family. Free screening and early diagnosis of diabetes campaigns.


We now count with advanced technology for data collection, allowing us to: systematize the information, conduct research on the prevalence and incidence of diabetes in Cochabamba and La Paz; the geographic areas with the greatest number of people with diabetes and their relation with feeding patterns and lifestyles.

Coming soon: Latin American Training Cetre for Diabetes Care

Starting next year, people with diabetes and the community in general will enjoy the new facilities for comprehensive care located in the same area. The facility will feature medical services, a major surgical area as an alternative for diabetes treatment and its complications and the Latin American Diabetes Care Training Centre.

The center will offer courses and internships intended to guide the human health personnel training to become professionals that will place their skills at the service of people with diabetes to improve their quality of life and reduce social and emotional costs of diabetes.

Target audience: Nurses, Biochemist / Pharmaceutical / Medical Staff, Physiotherapists, Doctors, Educators, Nutritionists.


Director: Dr. Elizabeth Duarte Muñoz

Educational coordinator: Educator Mirian Castrati

Nutritionist: Lic. Jacqueline Plowing

Diabetes psychologist and educator: Lic. Claudia Verduguez

Basic social and educational work: Lic. Maria del Carmen Caballero





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