Welcome to the first Diabetes Voice of 2012 – our first edition following the very successful IDF World Diabetes Congress in Dubai. Your editorial team were at the Congress, and President Elect Sir Michael Hirst reflects on it in these pages. As he points out, there is a lot of diabetes in the Middle East and North Africa and it is right to take the IDF World Diabetes Congress to such hot spots. I do, of course, refer to the high prevalence of diabetes with this term – although the weather was pretty good too! Raising the profile of diabetes in that region is important. The interest of the Emirates’ government was very visible throughout the event – and appreciated. People came to Dubai from all over the globe, and the needfor expertise from all nations was recognized, as Dubai’s remarkable conference facilities were made open to everyone who attended under the IDF umbrella. The Dubai authorities considered that no-one should be excluded from the meeting and appropriate arrangements were made through IDF. Truly, it can be said that the international community united against diabetes in Dubai last year.