World Diabetes Day 2012 – expanding the circle of influence

World Diabetes Day unites the world against diabetes by celebrating people who are touched by diabetes every day and raising public awareness of this killer epidemic. International Diabetes Federation leads this global grassroots campaign inspiring advocates, organisations and individuals to come together on November 14 to put the spotlight on diabetes. Together with its member associations, IDF put diabetes on the global health agenda by securing the 2006 UN resolution, making WDD an official UN Day. We salute those who work to make a life with diabetes like any other life, and those who strive to make diabetes a thing of the past – like insulin pioneer, Frederick Banting, whose birthday provides the date – 14 November. Every year, World Diabetes Day generates more momentum, makes more noise and shines more light on diabetes than it did the year before. In fact, the celebration that was established in partnership with the World Health Organization in 1991 to highlight the risks from diabetes has developed into an ambitious five-year-long campaign implemented across multiple media worldwide. IDF’s head of communications Isabella Platon reports.