August news update

Programme highlights

Searchable programme now available

The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) is delighted to present the fully-searchable, online Scientific Programme for the World Diabetes Congress 2011 in Dubai. This tool allows you to search the Programme by day, stream, session format, topic, keyword or author.
Search results can be viewed in the form of a list or a grid.  A comprehensive view of all sessions of a particular day can be obtained with this search tool. Searches can also be done for a particular session or speaker by entering a keyword or the name of the presenter /author.
Clicking on the “More info” button will list all the speakers and chairs participating in the session.
The versatility of this tool makes it invaluable in the planning of your visit and allows you to tailor your congress experience.

View the searchable scientific programme


D-NET Workshop

IDF invites you to participate in our D-NET workshop at the World Diabetes Congress in Dubai on 4 December 2011. This event will be an excellent opportunity for healthcare professionals to get to know each other and to discuss global diabetes education. Click for more information.

Association spotlight

The Diabetic Association of India (DAI) is pleased that an impressive number of delegates are attending the upcoming World Diabetes Congress in Dubai.
A large number of abstracts were sent by researchers, postgraduates, diabetologists, practicing physicians, nutritionists and paramedics from India. These participants eagerly look forward to presenting their research, interacting with diabetes opinion leaders and gathering high-level scientific information. All of this will contribute to better patient care in our country.
The Indian government has recently realized the importance of diagnosing diabetes in the early stages and it is considering mandatory blood glucose scanning of all people above the age of 30.
This is an important step to achieving IDF goals towards the control of NCDs particularly in developing countries.
DAI’s slogan is, “Treatment of diabetes and heart disease starts in the kitchen, not in the hospital”.
The government has requested us to draw-up a nutrition plan for students telling them about the ‘virtues' of good food and discouraging junk food, this project is being implemented in the entire state of Maharashtra and will be displayed in our Global Village booth at the Congress.
The proximity of Dubai to India and fairly priced air tickets is an added attraction. A large number of Indians also have relatives living in Dubai.
In conclusion, expect us in large numbers. We will be contributing in full force to the success of the 2011 IDF World Diabetes Congress.

Dr. Anil Bhoraskar
Secretary, Scientific Section
Diabetes Association of India (DAI)

Hotel Accommodation

Hotel booking made easy! Congress Solution International (CSI) is the time and cost-effective way of securing hotel accommodation for the congress. Registered group and individual participants can contact CSI for available rooms online by clicking here.


Remember to apply for a visa to Dubai. Unsure if you need one? Information can be found here.

IDF Click to agree campaign

Click for essential care! In the run-up to the UN Summit, IDF has released its global electronic signature campaign. Click to show your support for essential medicines!

Message from IDF’s President

Click to see President Jean Claude Mbanya, President of the International Diabetes Federation’s, video message on the World Diabetes Congress in Dubai.

We look forward to seeing you in Dubai!