Dr. Abbas Mansour

Dr. Abbas Ali Mansour MD, FRCP is a Consultant Physician in Al-Faiha Diabetes and Endocrine centre in Bastah, Iraq. In response to the rising diabetes prevalence in the city, Dr Abbas founded a diabetes clinic five years ago to take care of people with diabetes. At the beginning he started in a room in the hospital with a staff of one nurse and a documenting employee. The clinic provides insulin, oral glucose lowering drugs and lipid lowering drugs and tests blood glucose levels, HbA1c and lipid profile in cooperation with the hospital laboratories. Within one year the clinic became a specialised centre for the treatment of diabetes and endocrine conditions with assistance of a US aid organization.

Dr. Abbas now has his own medical staff in a large building with advanced laboratories and modern instruments which help in the early detection and prevention of diabetes complications. The centre provides services to more than 30,000 people with diabetes out of 250,000 in Basrah, supplying them with insulin, glucose lowering drugs, glucose meters and strips.

Dr. Abbas is currently training a board student in the centre and regularly holds educational seminars and conferences for the public.

This man is a hero in the eyes of people with diabetes and their families in Basrah.