Mila Ferrer

Mila Ferrer is mother of three children; one with type 1 diabetes, his name is Jaime. Mila has a blog called Jaime, Mi Dulce Guerrero (Jaime, My Sweet Warrior) in which she writes about the personal experience of a family raising a child with type 1 diabetes.

Every day through her blog, Mila tries to educate families about the condition showing how you can live a normal life and informing on the causes and complications of diabetes and how to prevent them. Her work is worthy of admiration and respect for she devotes much of her time to this blog. Mila has a great sense of responsibility towards her children and Puerto Rican families which she has shown through her work.

I am one of the mums that follow her blog and for me she is my WDD hero. I also have a daughter with type 1 diabetes and her blog has been a great help in my personal experience. We consider "Jaime, mi dulce guerrero" part of our lives in diabetes education.