Anika Bjornson

This is the story of Anika Bjornson; the young girl navigating the challenges of type 1 diabetes with the aid of a diabetes alert dog. The story, reported by KATU of Tualatin, Oregon described how this dog was keeping Anika safe and alive, by alerting her to life-threatening lows and the possibility of seizures, coma, and even death.

The school Anika attended decided that this certified service dog might be a nuisance and threat to other children. Anika's service dog, Bassie, was banned from the school. However, her local public school had enthusiastically welcomed her and her service dog.

Being a child and managing a life-threatening illness with the positive attitude she displayed in the article would be reason enough to nominate Anika as a WDD hero. She has unwittingly become a source of information, education and inspiration by virtue of the fact that the article about her has become a rallying cry to respond to ignorance and lack of awareness.

Persevere, Anika. Work hard at staying healthy, live your life, and be the person you were intended to be in spite of diabetes!