Carlos Farinha

My name is Carlos and I am Portuguese. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 17 years ago.

I had experienced all the common symptoms: increased hunger, insatiable thirst, uncontrollable urination. I immediately visited my endocrinologist and I can remember listening to all the explanations he gave to me and my parents. It was a very emotional moment.

I started cycling at a very young age and today, (despite having to travel a lot around Europe for my work - not anymore), I practice many sports: squash, running, trail-walking, swimming. I truly have an active life!

In 2009 I started the Blue O Project to raise awareness of diabetes through mountain-biking. I chose the name because blue is the colour of diabetes and O is the circle of the World Diabetes Day logo.

In the first year I was the only supporter of my project and blog - - but I continued writing and now I’m happy to have many supporters who have diabetes just like me and enjoy cycling. People from all over Portugal have joined my project because they or someone they know has diabetes.

I am proud that my initiative has become an inspiration to other people with diabetes.

Happy cycling to everyone!!