Carly Bennett

Carly Bennett

Carly Bennett, age 24, works at a secondary school in Caterham, Surrey.

In February 2012, Carly was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Obviously this came as a big shock and even 7 months later she is finding it difficult to get her head around it.

Even though there have been and still are hard days to come, Carly is an incredible person, focussing so much time and energy into not being a victim of diabetes, but instead working hard to stay healthy, active and happy. She is also a great English teacher!

Part of having diabetes thrust upon her life meant that she was able to see how little she actually knew about the disease. She discovered that this was not only the case with her, but also with family, friends and colleagues.

Therefore Carly has been very active in trying to promote diabetes awareness within the school, not shying away but instead tackling misunderstood information with an accessible and approachable style. With this in mind, she created a fun/informative PowerPoint for the students of the school to break down some of the fundamental (yet sometimes complicated) aspects of diabetes in the hope that it would make them, and the world, just that little bit more aware of the disease.

Carly has also begun a Diabetes Awareness Club she had been planning for a while along with the help of some students.

Doing this, she is a hero that belongs in the WDD Heroes gallery.