Dr. Gias Al Mamun


Dr. Gias Al Mamun is considered to be a saviour for people with diabetes in Chittagong, Bangladesh. After working as a medical officer in the diabetic hospital of Sylhet, Bangladesh, he joined the Chittagong Diabetic Association in 2005 as a diabetologist. He involved himself actively in the area of diabetes and was a tutor at the Bangladesh Diabetic Association for five years. Following this he founded two diabetes specialities centres in Chittagong where he currently works as Chief Diabetologist.

Dr. Al Mamun’s dedication to the diabetes cause is further highlighted by the work of the Bangladesh Diabetes Research Foundation, Bangladesh Institute for Paediatric and Adolescent Diabetes and Bangladesh Foot Saving Centre, all of which he founded. These groups collaborate with the International Diabetes Federation on prevention programmes and other related activities.

Dr. Gias Al Mamun’s commitment to promoting training and research dedicated to diabetes has made him a hero in the eyes of people with diabetes in Chittagong.