Dr. Jen Nash

Dr. Jen Nash from the UK has had type 1 diabetes since the age of 6. She learned how to inject herself and test her blood before she was discharged from hospital and independently managed her condition from this young age. When she was a teenager she developed some problems around her body image and food and struggled with comfort eating. This led to an interest in the mind and emotions.

She trained to be a Clinical Psychologist and has set up Positive Diabetes - www.positivediabetes.com - which promotes a psychological understanding of the condition. She offers private consultation programmes, educational seminars and workshops, educational books and programmes and a monthly support system. She is always looking for ways to make her services accessible to those on a low income as she wants emotional support for people with diabetes to be accessible to all. She is gifted and inspiring and also very down to earth, real and approachable. That’s why she deserves to be a WDD hero!