WDD Hero: Dr. Agus Nurohman

Dr. Agus Nurohman

Scott Benner and his daughter Arden

Dr. Agus Nurohman is an internist working at the District General Hospital Dr. H. Soemarno Sosroatmodjo in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia.  After becoming aware of the high number of people with diabetes in the region, Dr. Nurohman created the diabetes center in the hospital and was instrumental in getting several doctors and nurses to follow diabetes training. He also made it possible for every patient with diabetes to receive health education regarding the care of their feet.
Among his other achievements is the setting up of the local affiliate of the national diabetes association PERSADIA. In this capacity, he introduced a weekly physical activity session in the parking lot of the District General Hospital. Over 100 people now participate every week, also receiving diabetes education.