WDD Hero: Peter Lwin

Peter Lwin

Peter Lwin is a pharmacist from the Sutherland Shire area in Sydney, Australia. He is well-trusted and highly respected in his community for his knowledge and committed health care service. Peter is a firm believer that pharmacists play a crucial role in the community when it comes to addressing diabetes management. They are often the first health care professionals that people in Australia turn to for advice on various topics regarding diabetes and associated conditions.

Peter also hosts and produces an independent web series about diabetes - Blood Sugar Magic - which is a lifestyle programme for people that experience high blood sugar. To date he has completed 40 videos. Peter does this in his spare time and with his own resources. Through the videos, Peter also trys to raise awareness of the various skills and the vast knowledge base that a community pharmacist possesses and sees the programme as a way of showcasing his profession. Currently the videos have been viewed by people from all over the world including developing countries in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Central and South America.

Peter has seen the staggering increase in the number of cases of diabetes over the past decade first-hand. He takes great pride in being able to help people who may not have access to the most up-to-date and accurate diabetes information. There are also many misconceptions about diabetes that he tries to clarify both in the videos and with clients at the pharmacy.

I find this touching since he doesn't have diabetes and is doing it because he has a passion for healthcare and improving people's lives in his community and beyond.

Peter is just one example of a “diabetes hero” who keeps his head down and does his job brilliantly.

Submitted by Sophia Carvajal