Mauro Talini continues his journey from the sky

It is with great sadness that the International Diabetes Federation received the news of the passing of Mauro Talini, an Italian cyclist with type 1 diabetes who was riding solo across the Americas to show that there is no limit to what an individual can achieve with diabetes. Mauro's inspiring journey was tragically cut short in Mexico on 13 May, after having covered over 16,100km of the 25,000km trip.

Father Kolbe International, the association that Mauro was supporting with his efforts, released the following statement:

"Mauro Talini, the cyclist with type 1 diabetes who has been riding solo since 1 January 2013 to support the projects of Father Kolbe International, ended his journey across the Americas following a road accident in Trincheras (close to the US-Mexican border) in the early afternoon of 13 May.

After having crossed Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and part of Mexico, Mauro will now continue to ride forever.
Father Kolbe International, its members and supporters rally around his family and promise that what Mauro has achieved will not be forgotten. The messages that he left behind will continue to leave a trail of light that will form the basis for messages of hope and peace.
In his latest journey, as in those carried out previously, Mauro showed to everyone that he met along the road and those who supported him from a distance, how great he was. He was able through his words, those of someone pure of heart, to spread the messages: Diabetes no limits, Poverty no limits. 
16142 are the total kilometres that Mauro covered and the joy and smiles that he shared with others. 16142 are the limits that he overcame and the people he helped. 16142 are the hopes that Mauro brought from North to South, East to West. 16142 are our heartfelt thanks.
During the toughest times, Mauro was never alone. His travelling companions - diabetes, his bicycle, Jesus and Mary - were always with him and he was particularly supported by his great Faith. Mauro achieved his dream and his journey ended in God's’ heart. He will always teach us to “ride” as he did."
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