Share your WDD activity with us

With World Diabetes Day, 14 November, less than 100 days away, planning is well underway all over the world to mark the day and build on the achievements of previous years. Whatever activity you have in mind - an awareness walk, a human blue circle, a blue lighting, a diabetes screening, a seminar or lecture for health professionals, a press conference, an event for children and young people, or simply raising diabetes awareness on your website of blog - make sure to share it with the global diabetes community by submitting your event information.

Interested in organising something but not sure how to go about it? Consult our campaign book or have a look at how World Diabetes Day has been marked in the past by visiting our campaign pool on Flickr.

Don't forget to take part in the Blue Monument Challenge by submitting a confirmed lighting to [email protected]. Over 900 buildings in landmarks in more than 100 countries brought diabetes to light in 2010.

Picture: Dr Michael Massa from Ecuador at the start of his 700km 'Super-marathon' to raise awareness of diabetes and other NCDs.