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How are you acting on diabetes?

The 2011 campaign features a new initiative aimed at engaging the grassroots diabetes community and showcasing global unity for the diabetes cause in this special year for diabetes and other non-communicable diseases. Our World Diabetes Day Participative Video Campaign consists of an online platform displaying short videos of individuals around the world showing and telling us how they are 'Acting on Diabetes. Now.'

2011 campaign posters now available

Five new posters have been produced by the International Diabetes Federation to promote the slogan - Act on Diabetes. Now - and key messages of the third year of our 2009-2013 focus on diabetes education and prevention:

WDD 2011: Act on Diabetes. Now.

Act on Diabetes. Now.

The World Diabetes Day 2011 campaign marks the third year of the International Diabetes Federation's five-year focus on "Diabetes education and prevention," the theme chosen for the period 2009-2013.

2011 is a milestone year for the over 300 million people living with diabetes.

IDF video showcases global disparity in access to insulin for people with type 1 diabetes

A new World Diabetes Day video has been produced to showcase the global disparity in access to insulin for people with diabetes. 'O is for outrage' shows how in parts of the world people with type 1 diabetes are able to live in full and healthy lives, while in others, diabetes can bring death and disability at a young age due to lack of access to insulin, the life-saving drug discovered ninety years ago.