Take a Step for Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the major health and development challenges of the 21st century. There are currently 382 million people living with diabetes and another 280 million are at high risk of developing the disease. Over half a billion people are expected to by living with diabetes by 2030. Diabetes and its complications are largely preventable and there are proven, affordable interventions available. Everyone is concerned and everyone has a role to play in helping to turn the tide of diabetes to protect our future.

The World Diabetes Day 2013 campaign encouraged everyone to Take a Step for Diabetes, engaging people in the diabetes cause by encouraging them to make a symbolic donation of steps accrued through various activities. A step is considered to be any activity that helps promote diabetes awareness, improve the lives of people with diabetes, promote healthy lifestyles or reduce one’s individual risk of developing diabetes. Steps submitted on our online platform counted towards reaching the target in support of the 371 million people living with diabetes. 

Thanks to the active support and engagement of more than 650 individuals and associations from all over the world, the target was reached and significantly surpassed with a total of over 1.2 billion steps submitted between May and December 2013. Upon reaching the target, IDF sent an open letter to United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon on behalf the Take a Step for Diabetes Campaign. Our goal is to keep the global commitments on diabetes made during the 2011 United Nations High Level Meeting on NCDs on the global health agenda. Our combined efforts will prove that the diabetes community stands united to improve the lives of people affected by diabetes.

1. Gina (Peru 1. Kesavadev Trust (India)
2. Rafael Medardo (Peru) 2. Sparsh Diabetic Center (India)
3. Eumelio César (USA) 3. ADINA (Peru)
4. Rosa María (Mexico) 4. N.A.DIA (Argentina)
5. Cath (Peru) 5. Liga Peruana de Diabetes (Peru)
6. Edgar (Mexico) 6. Diabetes UAE (UAE)
7. Jonathan (Mexico) 7. CUI.D.AR (Argentina)
8. Tanya (Suriname) 8. ASADI (El Salvador)
9. Edgard (Venezuela) 9.  EPSF (Egypt)
10. Fred (France) 10. National Diabetes Centre (Lebanon)
11. Marcelo (Chile) 11. SERDIABETICO (Argentina)
12. Maria Alejandra (Argentina) 12. Chronic Care Center (Lebanon)
13. Isabel (Guatemala) 13. DIABEMEDICA (Mexico)
14. Eva (Hungary) 14. CDIC (India)
15. Iphigenia (UAE) 15. ASFED (Ivory Coast)
16. Keegan (South Africa) 16. Novo Nordisk (Denmark)
17. Angélica (Chile) 17. Diabetes SA (Australia)
18. Mauro (Italy) 18. Asociación de Diabeticos del Uruguay 
19. Nicoleta (Romania) 19. Federación Mexicana de Diabetes (Mexico)
20. Nagarjuna (India) 20. FAD (Argentina)
21. Agnese (Latvia) 21. Fundación Diabetes Uruguay
22. Kamalita (Latvia) 22. ISSSTE (Mexico)
23. Joao (Portugal) 23. Diabetes Serbia
24. Cecile (Norway) 24. Didi & Diabeline (France)
25. Ute (Germany) 25. Diabetes Madrid (Spain)
26. NY (Argentina) 26. ANAD (Brazil)
27. Alex (UK) 27. AEDOS (Mexico)
28. Camilla (Norway) 28. Health Sciences North Diabetes Care (Canada)
29. Silvia (Portugal) 29. diabetesDE (Germany)
30. Gabriela (Mexico) 30. CEADI (Argentina)
31. Marcela (Argentina) 31. Janvi Diabetes Center (India)
32. Igor (Serbia) 32. Asociación Diabeticos Unidos (Argentina)
33. Alan (USA) 33. Hospital Pablo Tablón Uribe (Colombia)
34. Zain (Qatar) 34. U.C.C. Talabriga (Portugal)
35. Kristin (Norway) 35. ABADI (Argentina)
36. Lorenzo (Italy) 36. The Nigeria Diabetes Online Community
37. Sonriendo con la Diabetes (Mexico) 37. La Marea Azul (Spain)
38. Merry (UK) 38. BlueTour2013 (Sweden)
39. Dominique (Belgium) 39. KID (India)
40. Rodrigo Nahuel (Argentina) 40. SPED (Puerto Rico)
41. Costanza (Argentina) 41. Association les Diabétiques de Corse (France)
42. Wilma (UK) 42. Asociación Puertorriqueña de Diabetes (Puerto Rico)
43. Victoria (Spain) 43. Diabette (Mexico)
44. Jeanine (Belgium) 44. O.L.O.L. Diabetes Department (Ireland)
45. Douglas Villaroel (Bolivia) 45. Padres Unidos por la Diabetes (Argentina)
46. Marie (France) 46. Asociación Día Vida (Costa Rica)
47. Antonio (Portugal) 47. Centro de Diabetes Sergipe (Brazil)
48. Linda (Norway) 48. Youth with Diabetes (South Africa)
49. Natalia (Argentina) 49. Diabetes Forbundet (Norway)
50. Frederic (Belgium) 50. La Escuela de Diabetes (Paraguay)