Diabetes misconceptions

1. Diabetes only affects old people

FALSE! Diabetes affects all age groups.

2. Diabetes is not a killer disease

FALSE! Diabetes is a global killer, rivaling HIV/AIDS in its deadly reach. The disease kills more than 4 million people a year. Every 7 seconds a person dies from diabetes-related causes.

3. Diabetes predominantly affects men

FALSE! Diabetes affects both men and women, and is rising among women. It is also increasing dramatically among youth and threatening to decimate indigenous populations.

4. Diabetes cannot be prevented

FALSE!Up to 80% of type 2 diabetes is preventable by changing diet, increasing physical activity and improving the living environment.

5. Diabetes only affects rich countries

FALSE! Diabetes hits all populations, regardless of income. It is becoming increasingly common everywhere.

6. Diabetes care is not costly

FALSE! Diabetes care is costly and has the potential to cripple any healthcare system.

7. Diabetes prevention is too expensive

FALSE! Many inexpensive and cost-effective interventions exist. Proven strategies for improving the living environment, changing diet and increasing physical activity can reverse the pandemic.