Education is an integral component of diabetes management and care. All health professionals need access to proven, effective, professional education about diabetes.

The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) recognises the urgent need to reach a great number of healthcare providers with the best diabetes education materials to promote improved daily diabetes management and care skills and prevent disabling complications. Innovative, appropriate educational tools are key to engage and motivate all learners and facilitate effective learning.

Diabetes self-management education (DSME) has long been considered a cornerstone of diabetes care. Multiple studies and meta-analyses have found DSME to be cost-effective and effective for improving metabolic and psychosocial outcomes, at least in the short term.

Resources produced by the Diabetes Education Consultative Section (DECS) for the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) are designed to improve the profile of education and the expertise of diabetes educators and other health professionals.

These resources currently consist of the following:

  • The International Curriculum for Diabetes Health Professional Education (2008)
  • Diabetes Education Modules (2011)
  • IDF International Standards for Diabetes Education (2009)
  • IDF Peer Leader Manual

The International Curriculum for Diabetes Health Professional Education

The Curriculum is an important step towards implementing a model of diabetes care delivered by an appropriately educated interdisciplinary team. The curriculum can also serve as a mechanism to facilitate the delivery of global diabetes education standards, provide for consistent preparation of healthcare team members, and support the development of a dynamic discipline that has academic and clinical integrity.

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The Diabetes Education Modules

The Diabetes Education Modules provide the content necessary for the IDF Curriculum and can be used as a foundation to develop health professional education programmes. The Modules contain more than 800 slides and detailed speaker notes to reflect the objectives contained in the International Curriculum for Health Professional Education. Health professionals anywhere in the world can adopt this resource to develop diabetes education programmes for other health professionals.

Diabetes Education Modules content:

  • Section 1 – Self-Management Education
  • Section 2 – Diabetes and Lifestyle Intervention
  • Section 3 – Pharmacotherapy
  • Section 4 – Glycaemic Excursions
  • Section 5 – Diabetes-Related Complications
  • Section 6 – Special Situations

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The International Standards for Diabetes Education

The International Standards describe the necessary components of high quality diabetes self-management education (DSME) and on-going diabetes self-management support (DSMS) of those affected by diabetes and those at risk of diabetes throughout the world. The publication was not designed as a ’how to ‘guide for programme development. Rather, it provides an evidence-based framework upon which to create high-quality diabetes self-management education and diabetes self-management support services and offers options for indicators to measure quality. Regions or countries where formal diabetes education is a relatively new service, or where resources to support diabetes self-management education and diabetes self-management support are scarce, might choose to begin by concentrating on one area as they develop diabetes education services and work towards the creation of a comprehensive educational programme.

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IDF Peer Leader Manual

IDF has developed a Peer Leader Training Manual to train Peer Leaders (PL) working with a diabetes health professional to provide on-going diabetes self-management support(DSMS).

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