National Diabetes Associations

The International Diabetes Federation is a diverse and inclusive multi-cultural network of national diabetes associations and an authoritative global voice in non-communicable diseases. Its greatest strength lies in the capacity of its membership and its ability to ground global advocacy in the reality of local experience.

What can your national diabetes association do for you?

  • Give advice and support to you and your loved ones
  • Meet other people with diabetes
  • Point you in the right direction with the information you need
  • Keep you up to date with the latest diabetes advances and news
  • Be part of the diabetes community, raise diabetes awareness and help improve the lives of people with diabetes.

IDF Member Associations around the world

IDF is an umbrella organization of over 200 national diabetes associations in more than 160 countries, divided into seven regions. Find your national diabetes association.

Setting up an association

If you are a group of individuals interested in forming an association to raise diabetes awareness and help improve the lives of people with diabetes in your country or community, here are some key steps to follow:

  1. Draft a mission statement that expresses why you exist and what you hope to accomplish.
  2. Recognise the requirements of all members. Members with varying backgrounds will voluntarily contribute time and resources when their needs are fulfilled, their lifestyles and work are not threatened, and their group is equally represented in the political structure of the association.
  3. Draft bylaws that shape the political structure and organization.
  4. Make an Action Plan and act on it. Clarify your objectives and verify that they will help to fulfill your mission.
  5. Secure the economic resources needed for your association by starting a fund-raising programme.
  6. Keep your members well-informed about the activities of the organization and about current diabetes affairs through a regular, free publication or online platform.