The IDF Young Leaders in Diabetes Programme (YLD) went from a dream to a reality at the World Diabetes Congress Dubai 2011, where 70 young people with diabetes from around the world came together for the YLD leadership training. Since Dubai the Young Leaders have continued to support each other and were able to conduct an incredible number of projects within their local IDF Member Associations. Their projects are testament to the hard work and commitment they have shown to both the local and the global diabetes community. Further leadership trainings were conducted in Melbourne in 2013 and Vancouver in 2015.


This website is intended to serve as a central resource for all those interested in gaining further knowledge of, or making contact with, the IDF Young Leaders in Diabetes Programme. In About the YLD you will find all relevant information about the programme. To read more about the individual Young Leaders, you can go to Meet the Young Leaders. If you want to know more about the projects of the Young Leaders, go to YLD activities.

YLD Newsletter - March 2016




The IDF Young Leaders Programme is supported by: Bayer HealthCare, LifeScan, Lilly Diabetes, Medtronic, Novo Nordisk, Sanofi Diabetes, FEND and ROCHE Diagnostics