YLD Activities

02 08 2014

On 2-7 August 2014 a Pony Diabetes Camp took place in Leusden, the Netherlands. The camp was organised by the National Diabetes Association of the Netherlands and was for children with type 1 diabetes between the ages of 7 and 12. Our Young Leader Lisanne Jonker went along as medical supervision and to offer her volunteer support for the camp.

Here is her description of the camp:

Leusden, Netherlands
05 07 2014

It is important to have a positive role model in ones life, especially when dealing with a disease like type 1 diabetes. It is also important to have a core support system whether that involves family or friends. While some find support easily, others do not.  I decided that it was important to create that safe place where teen girls with type 1 diabetes could go to not only vent about their diabetes but also to build a strong foundation in their diabetes management beyond their doctors and nurses. In July 2014, T1 Empowerment was created in London, Ont. Canada. 

Ontario, Canada
17 05 2014

In May 2014, our Young Leader Marlis Schosser attended the yearly family weekend for children with diabetes in Austria. This is intended to be an educational event for family members, relatives and kids. Parents or other mentors can attend training sessions with physicians, psychologists and nutritionists while the kids are learning new diabetes related things in a more playful way.

Hirschwang, Austria
03 05 2014

In May 2014, Cajsa Lindberg, our Young Leader from Sweden, attended the Swedish Diabetes Association’s Chairman’s conference.

28 03 2014

In 2014, Youth With Diabetes (YWD) and Diabetes South Africa collaborated to host a weekend diabetes camp for children. The camp was held in Kommetjie, near Cape Town from Friday 28 March to Sunday 30 March. Our Young Leader Kerry Kalweit from South Africa worked closely with the organiser’s to help make this event a success. 

Kommetjie, South Africa
16 02 2014
The Blue Circle key members were invited to speak on the Youth Zone TV Program, broadcasted on Kuwait Youth Channel (KTV3). They had the chance to speak about their lives with diabetes, the Blue Circle Campaign and its mission, vision and goals, their previous, recent and future activities and about type 1 diabetes, its treatments and standards of living.
Kuwait City, Kuwait
12 01 2014
Last month the Cyprus Diabetes Association organized a Christmas themed weekend for children with diabetes of ages 0-15 as well as their parents. Antonis Soteriou, our Young Leader from Cyprus, was asked to organise the entertainment during the event. The event started Saturday afternoon. The members of the board of the Cyprus Diabetes Association gave a welcome speech and the rest of the afternoon was filled with a game of bingo and some snacks. During the evening there the parents had the opportunity to talk with each other about diabetes and to share experiences.
Larnaca, Cyprus
15 12 2013
Stephanie’s first engagement as an Australian Young Leader in Diabetes was a very humbling experience. She had the honour in being a guest speaker at a Diabetes Tasmania Forum.
Hobart, Australia
28 11 2013
Could you ride a bike for 13 days straight? Young Leader Mary from China took the challenge of participating in the mHealth Grand Tour although she had never sat on a saddle before. The mHealth Grand Tour is a 2,100km journey from Brussels to Barcelona with more than 22,000 meters of climbs. This tour is more than just a bike ride – it is also an opportunity to promote innovative solutions to the challenges of managing diabetes.
Barcelona, Spain
15 11 2013

Luca Cappellini our Young Leader in Diabetes from Italy, has forged his personal experience from Dubai into his new project, the Young Leaders Italia (YLI). While parents of children with diabetes and adults are working together in a marvellous network in Italy, Luca felt that an organised youth, capable to stand up and speak for themselves, was missing.

Catania, Italy