Blue Circle on ‘Youth Zone’ TV Program

16 February 2014
Kuwait City
The Blue Circle key members were invited to speak on the Youth Zone TV Program, broadcasted on Kuwait Youth Channel (KTV3). They had the chance to speak about their lives with diabetes, the Blue Circle Campaign and its mission, vision and goals, their previous, recent and future activities and about type 1 diabetes, its treatments and standards of living. KTV3 hosted Maryam Al-Ostad and Mohammad Al-Bahar, the representatives of Blue Circle campaign on Sunday 16th of February 2014. Maryam Al-Ostad who established the campaign in February 2012, in Collaboration with Kuwait Diabetes Society (KDS), spoke about the vision of the campaign, which is to raise awareness on all matters related to diabetes. In addition, she mentioned that the mission is to reach and support the population of youth and young adults living with diabetes. During the programme, they spoke about their diagnosis with diabetes, how they dealt with it during the diagnosis period, coping with their condition on regular basis and the medication and tests they go through to maintain a good health. Maryam and Mohammad mentioned that the advantages of being a member of Blue Circle campaign are to help others with diabetes, to build and be a part of a community to share experiences, information and offer support. The campaign had a major impact in Kuwait society as many parents of with kids with type 1 diabetes mentioned that this campaign helped them to overcome the difficulties they have faced and to confront and accept this health condition. In addition they expressed that that meeting other members living a healthy and productive life with diabetes is an eye opening experience, and that they learned that it can be controlled if you have taken all medical, nutrition and activity matters into consideration. As mentioned by the representatives of Blue Circle, many activities were done during the campaign, such as a visit to Failaka island, to educate people living with type 1 diabetes on how to be prepared for vacations and strenuous exercise routine, Carbs Counting workshops, participating in exhibitions to provide information about diabetes to the public and a sports day event which carried out soccer and basketball matches.
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