Diabetes camp Omar’s Dream in Bethlehem

20 June 2013
Every summer the Diabetics Friends Society (DFS) organises a diabetes camp for children with diabetes. The 2013 camp was unique, because all volunteers at the camp had diabetes themselves. As this was the dream of the founder of DFS, the organisers decided to name this year’s camp Omar’s Dream. The Arab-Finnish Friendship Society is supporting the DFS summer diabetes camp for the 10th year. Young Leader Sahar and her Finnish friends from this organisation regularly organise projects for people with diabetes in Palestine. The camp lasted for 10 days and 65 children participated from 6 to 18 years old, both with and without diabetes. The children took part in educational activities and awareness raising activities, and received psychological counselling sessions. Of course there was also time for recreational activities like games and swimming. Young Leader Sahar tells about the impact this summer camp has: ‘The first camp of the DFS participants took place in 2005. The participants of that camp are now young men and women. It is amazing to see that these young people are now acting as volunteers in the camp and are able to show the children how they grew up with diabetes.’ To read more about the camp of the Diabetics Friends Society, please visit their Facebook page by clicking here.
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