Diabetes UK Young Leaders Action Group

12 April 2013
On Friday 12th and 13th April 2013, the first meeting of the Diabetes UK Young Leaders Action Group (YLAG) was held in London, United Kingdom. YLAG is the project of IDF Young Leaders in Diabetes President, Alex Silverstein. The Young Leaders Action Group (YLAG) is an advisory group of 42 volunteers from across the UK, who are all young adults, aged 16-30 with Type 1 Diabetes. Their role is to inform the work of Diabetes UK as part of the Charity’s stakeholder engagement. In particular members of the group will: a) Advise Diabetes UK on the support and information needed by people aged 16-30 living with diabetes. b) Co-design services for 16-30 year olds living with diabetes alongside Diabetes UK. c) Support Diabetes UK to raise awareness of diabetes, and diabetes services, amongst the 16-30 age group. The Diabetes UK Young Leaders Action Group was co-created with young people from the start, with 20 young people developing the structure and outputs of the group in 2012 (see more info here). From May 2012 to Nov 2012, this group helped to inform Diabetes UK of the key needs of young adults with diabetes in the UK, whilst also helping to write a fundraising proposal that was successful in achieving £100,000 from an external funder. The content of this proposal will form the focus of the majority of 5 YLAG meetings until March 2014. This includes: a) An Online customisable factsheet to tell people you have diabetes and what to do in a hypo. b) Working with the Making Connections Youth Group in Scotland, to build on the website they have produced for young people with diabetes in Scotland, to make sure it has relevant content for young people with Type 1 diabetes in each of the four nations across the UK. c) The scoping of a future fundraising proposal to create a Peer Education Project for Young Adults. The first meeting saw 33 of the 42 members of YLAG meet for the first time. On Friday 12th of April there were presentations by Alex Silverstein and the CEO of Diabetes UK, Baroness Barbara Young. Barbara spoke about the role of YLAG in strengthening Diabetes UK (an IDF Member Association). Whilst Alex spoke about how YLAG was developed, including the initial spark, which was the IDF's Young Leaders in Diabetes Programme. The next meeting of YLAG is planned for July 20th 2013.
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