IDF Europe Youth Leadership Camp

22 July 2013
A group of 24 Young Leaders in diabetes from 23 countries across Europe – from Finland to Uzbekistan – gathered in Tirrenia, Italy, for the 3rd edition of the IDF Europe Youth Leadership Camp. The aim of the camp is to get youth familiarized with different types of advocacy, campaigning activities and strategic planning methods at a pan-European level and to introduce them to the work of IDF Europe. The 7-day program includes interactive workshops and sports activities. Once again this year, IDF Europe had the chance to spend a week with an group of extraordinary young people from all walks of life including doctors, nurses, academics and students. The camp was an opportunity for each participant to learn about the differences in diabetes care and daily-life realities across Europe, but also to take part in insightful discussions on how we can join forces across countries to get our message out and advocate for the rights of people with diabetes and educate the general public about this serious public health issue. Young Leader Roman participated in this year's camp and tells about his experience: "The IDF Europe Youth Camp is very important initiative, because it allows young people from all over Europe to get together and share their experiences and issues of living with diabetes. The most important thing I’ve learned from the camp is the relevance of communication. Communication is a powerful tool, which can increase the awareness of the diabetes, can provide better diabetes education and can ensure better cooperation between stakeholders, like media, government and corporate partners. Good communication can produce very powerful advocacy and I believe that through advocacy and communication I am able to improve the lives of people with diabetes in a better way!" For more information about IDF Europe Youth Leadership Camp, click here.
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