Wake-up call for the Togolaise population on diabetes

1 May 2013
The IDF Atlas estimates that if current trends continue the number of people with diabetes in African region will almost double in the next 20 years (click here for the IDF Diabetes Atlas Update 2012). The member association of IDF in Togo, the Association Togolaise du Diabete (ATD) is fighting to prevent a rise in people with diabetes in their country and thus started an awareness and prevention programme in May 2013. Our Young Leader from Togo, Djadou, is currently monitoring this programme, supported by other young members of her association. The goal of the programme is to raise awareness about diabetes in the general population, so diabetes can be prevented or diagnosed earlier which decreases the patient’s chance to develop complications. As a part of the programme Djadou and ATD organised several free screenings in public places, which gave them the opportunity to talk with the general public about diabetes and its complications. Djadou explains the impact of the programme: ‘The level of awareness in our population is very low and with this programme we give them a wake-up call on diabetes and its impact. During the screenings we discovered that two children had diabetes. The parents of these children were very hesitant to accept medical help, although the association offers it for free. We try to break down any barriers of taboo by offering them free education classes. In the end the parents accepted help and became members of our association.’ To follow up with the children and teens that are diagnosed with diabetes, Djadou and her association have set up special diabetes education classes. The IDF Life For a Child Programme helps ATD with supporting these young people. Djadou sees that the efforts of ATD have significant effect, but that there is still a lot to be done. ‘My next project will be to set up a youth camp for young people with diabetes, something that has never been done before in my country.’ If you want to know more about the activities of Djadou and Association Togolaise du Diabete, please click here for their contact details. For more information about the activities of the Life For a Child Programme, please click here for their website.
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