YLD Activities

16 03 2013
In the last few months our Young Leader from Australia, Rachel Lamb, organised with her social support group, Young Western Australia Insulin Takers (YWAIT) several social meetings, like a movie night and a ‘coffee catch-up’.
Perth, Australia
16 03 2013
In 2012 Young Leaders Timothée and Nicolas from Belgium undertook the greatest adventure of their life. With a crew of three young people with diabetes, a skipper and a diabetes nurse and with the support of their Not-For Profit Association called ForceDouce, they participated in a sailing race across the Atlantic Ocean from Quebec to St Malo.
Brussels, Belgium
01 01 2013
Margot Vanfleteren, Young Leader from Belgium, was bullied when she was only 9 years old due to her diabetes. Five years later she decided to take the problem at its roots and handle it. She always believed that her classmates bullied her because they didn’t know what diabetes is. This way she started to work out a plan to educate younger children about diabetes but also became a diabetes advocate.
Westende, Belgium
17 12 2012
In December 2012, a Youth Diabetes Camp was organized by the Diabetes Society of Maldives, called Camp Diabmaldives. It was the first ever Youth Camp in Maldives targeted to the youth. The camp was held from 17 to 21st December 2012 at Bandos Island Resort & Spa and for children and youth aged between 4 to 21. During the camp Diabmaldives the youth had the opportunity to gain confidence in managing their diabetes. They also learned how food and exercise are linked with insulin and how sports, illness and stress affect diabetes.
Bandos Island Resort & Spa, Maldives
16 12 2012
To celebrate the end of the year, I-Chen, Young Leader from Taiwan, helped organising a Christmas party for children with Type 1 Diabetes and their families. This event was supported by the Kung-Tai Socio-Medical Service & Education Foundation and the Profession Juei-Hsiung Tsai’s Health Promotion and Charity Foundation.
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
01 12 2012
Young Leader Nelli Bäckman from Finland and her association Nuorten Diabetesyhdistys ry organized two informal dinners for young adults with diabetes in Helsinki. Nuorten Diabetesyhdistys ry is an association for young people with diabetes and is affiliated with the Finnish Diabetes Association. The main goal of the informal dinners was to gather young people with diabetes together for them to share their experiences with diabetes.
Helsinki, Finland
01 12 2012
On December 1st 2012 the Dutch youth group, Dia-B, organized a pizza/paintball day. On this day activities were organised to bring together young people with diabetes.
Ermelo, Netherlands
26 11 2012
Diabetes is a medical condition in which patients can be found unconscious and in need of immediate medical assistance. When that happens, what should bystanders do and more importantly, who is to be contacted?
Germany, Germany
14 11 2012
Iran was one of the many countries to celebrate WDD this year. The Iranian Diabetes Society organised many different events for this special day aiming at raising awareness and increasing people’s knowledge about diabetes. Two Young Leaders from Iran, Parisa and Sanaz, supported their association in organising the events prior to and on WDD.
14 11 2012
This year WDD was successfully celebrated in Taiwan. In Chiayi, in the southwest and in Yilan in the north, several events were organised. The main focus of these two events was to raise awareness of diabetes.
Chiayi City & Yi-Lan Cit, Taiwan