YLD Activities

17 09 2013
Krystal Boyea, is our Young Leader living with diabetes in Barbados. She is also the Youth Regional Representative for the NAC Region for the IDF. This 26 year old, has devoted her life to making a difference in the lives of others living with diabetes locally in Barbados, regionally in the Caribbean Region and internationally.
22 07 2013
A group of 24 Young Leaders in diabetes from 23 countries across Europe – from Finland to Uzbekistan – gathered in Tirrenia, Italy, for the 3rd edition of the IDF Europe Youth Leadership Camp. The aim of the camp is to get youth familiarized with different types of advocacy, campaigning activities and strategic planning methods at a pan-European level and to introduce them to the work of IDF Europe. The 7-day program includes interactive workshops and sports activities.
Tirrenia, Italy
20 06 2013
Every summer the Diabetics Friends Society (DFS) organises a diabetes camp for children with diabetes. The 2013 camp was unique, because all volunteers at the camp had diabetes themselves. As this was the dream of the founder of DFS, the organisers decided to name this year’s camp Omar’s Dream. The Arab-Finnish Friendship Society is supporting the DFS summer diabetes camp for the 10th year. Young Leader Sahar and her Finnish friends from this organisation regularly organise projects for people with diabetes in Palestine.
Bethlehem, Palestine
01 05 2013
The IDF Atlas estimates that if current trends continue the number of people with diabetes in African region will almost double in the next 20 years (click here for the IDF Diabetes Atlas Update 2012). The member association of IDF in Togo, the Association Togolaise du Diabete (ATD) is fighting to prevent a rise in people with diabetes in their country and thus started an awareness and prevention programme in May 2013.
Lomé, Togo
12 04 2013
On Friday 12th and 13th April 2013, the first meeting of the Diabetes UK Young Leaders Action Group (YLAG) was held in London, United Kingdom. YLAG is the project of IDF Young Leaders in Diabetes President, Alex Silverstein. The Young Leaders Action Group (YLAG) is an advisory group of 42 volunteers from across the UK, who are all young adults, aged 16-30 with Type 1 Diabetes. Their role is to inform the work of Diabetes UK as part of the Charity’s stakeholder engagement. In particular members of the group will:
London, United Kingdom
16 03 2013
In the last few months our Young Leader from Australia, Rachel Lamb, organised with her social support group, Young Western Australia Insulin Takers (YWAIT) several social meetings, like a movie night and a ‘coffee catch-up’.
Perth, Australia
16 03 2013
In 2012 Young Leaders Timothée and Nicolas from Belgium undertook the greatest adventure of their life. With a crew of three young people with diabetes, a skipper and a diabetes nurse and with the support of their Not-For Profit Association called ForceDouce, they participated in a sailing race across the Atlantic Ocean from Quebec to St Malo.
Brussels, Belgium
01 01 2013
Margot Vanfleteren, Young Leader from Belgium, was bullied when she was only 9 years old due to her diabetes. Five years later she decided to take the problem at its roots and handle it. She always believed that her classmates bullied her because they didn’t know what diabetes is. This way she started to work out a plan to educate younger children about diabetes but also became a diabetes advocate.
Westende, Belgium
17 12 2012
In December 2012, a Youth Diabetes Camp was organized by the Diabetes Society of Maldives, called Camp Diabmaldives. It was the first ever Youth Camp in Maldives targeted to the youth. The camp was held from 17 to 21st December 2012 at Bandos Island Resort & Spa and for children and youth aged between 4 to 21. During the camp Diabmaldives the youth had the opportunity to gain confidence in managing their diabetes. They also learned how food and exercise are linked with insulin and how sports, illness and stress affect diabetes.
Bandos Island Resort & Spa, Maldives
16 12 2012
To celebrate the end of the year, I-Chen, Young Leader from Taiwan, helped organising a Christmas party for children with Type 1 Diabetes and their families. This event was supported by the Kung-Tai Socio-Medical Service & Education Foundation and the Profession Juei-Hsiung Tsai’s Health Promotion and Charity Foundation.
Kaohsiung, Taiwan