YLD Activities

01 12 2012
Young Leader Nelli Bäckman from Finland and her association Nuorten Diabetesyhdistys ry organized two informal dinners for young adults with diabetes in Helsinki. Nuorten Diabetesyhdistys ry is an association for young people with diabetes and is affiliated with the Finnish Diabetes Association. The main goal of the informal dinners was to gather young people with diabetes together for them to share their experiences with diabetes.
Helsinki, Finland
01 12 2012
On December 1st 2012 the Dutch youth group, Dia-B, organized a pizza/paintball day. On this day activities were organised to bring together young people with diabetes.
Ermelo, Netherlands
26 11 2012
Diabetes is a medical condition in which patients can be found unconscious and in need of immediate medical assistance. When that happens, what should bystanders do and more importantly, who is to be contacted?
Germany, Germany
14 11 2012
Iran was one of the many countries to celebrate WDD this year. The Iranian Diabetes Society organised many different events for this special day aiming at raising awareness and increasing people’s knowledge about diabetes. Two Young Leaders from Iran, Parisa and Sanaz, supported their association in organising the events prior to and on WDD.
14 11 2012
This year WDD was successfully celebrated in Taiwan. In Chiayi, in the southwest and in Yilan in the north, several events were organised. The main focus of these two events was to raise awareness of diabetes.
Chiayi City & Yi-Lan Cit, Taiwan
14 11 2012
In Ukraine, Young Leader Roman Vlasenko took an active part in the organisation of this year’s WDD events. The aim of this year's campaign was to educate, engage and empower youth and the general public on diabetes The campaign started actually one week before the 14th of November with free blood glucose tests in many public places in the capital city of Kyiv (Kiev). The week ended with a flash-mob including a circle of people holding blue balloons at the main square of Ukraine Maidan Nezalezhnosty (The Independence Square) and lighting up in blue the monument of independence.
Kyiv, Ukraine
14 11 2012
November is, as we all know, Diabetes Awareness Month. Young Leader from Bahrain, Khadija, took this opportunity to launch TeamD – a team of young people (with diabetes or not) who understand diabetes and want to support the diabetes community in Bahrain. TeamD aims to create a comprehensive and sustainable diabetes eco-system in Bahrain, addressing education, awareness, support and advocacy. One of their key focus points is to prevent the stigma’s concerning diabetes and prevent discrimination towards the people who have diabetes, and the people at risk.
Manama, Bahrain
14 11 2012
In Zimbabwe, Young Leader Stewart took part in the organisation of the activities for World Diabetes Day (WDD). Withthe help of a team of volunteers, the awareness campaign started two days prior to WDD by handing out promotional material with information about diabetes, in the 5 biggest shopping malls in their community. More than a thousand people were reached with this campaign and many of them indicated that the information about diabetes was new to them.
Harare , Zimbabwe
14 11 2012
Young Leader Sana Ajmal from Pakistan, organized a seminar in the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Rawalpindi, named "meethi zindagi" (translated as "sweet life") aimed at patient education and public awareness. Approximately 150 people attended the seminar. Speeches about the basics of diabetes, the daily targets, the myths and facts where given. Sana herself spoke about prospects of a healthy life with diabetes and shared her own experience. The seminar was reported in national newspapers.
Pakistan, Pakistan
14 11 2012
Young Leader Claudia Labate from Brazil, helped in creating a work force for WDD 2012 to engage the youth around the WDD theme of prevention and education. The group called Blue Power used the blue circle and the color blue as the central point for all their activities around WDD. The work force organized many different activities in partnership with different actors. The activities were planned to prevent, educate, entertain, and to break myths about diabetes.
São Paulo, Brazil