YLD Activities

14 11 2012
On World Diabetes Day the youth group of the Kuwait Diabetes Society, called the Blue Circle group, organised several activities supported by Young Leader from Kuwait, Maryam. They organised a school contest and gave lectures about diabetes and about living with diabetes. They were also able to convince the owners of the famous towers and buildings in Kuwait City to light up the buildings in blue on WDD.
Kuwait City, Kuwait
08 09 2012
Young Leader Claudia Labate from Brazil, received an invitation from Dra. Denise Reis Franco on behalf of the Brazilian Society of Diabetes to present a lecture about "Social Media Influence on Diabetes treatment". The lecture was to be given at the Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes Conference in Rio de Janeiro, an innovative diabetes technologies and treatments conference for researchers, clinicians and general practitioners in all fields of diabetes, endocrinology and metabolism.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
11 08 2012
Two Young Leaders, Katharina Schudmann, from Germany and Maria Hillinger, from Austria went for six weeks to the Christian Medical College in India, which is supported by the IDF “Life for a Child” program, in order to support young people with type 1 diabetes. They were involved in many different activities and had the opportunity to interact with people with diabetes in order to give them advice and support them in terms of self-management. They were truly acting as mentors.
Christian Medical College in Vellore, India
27 07 2012
Young Leader from Norway, Ida, demonstrates again that the Young Leaders in Diabetes programme creates a strong network which supports young people with diabetes that want to help the international diabetes community.
27 07 2012
I-Chen, Young Leader from Taiwan, helped organizing two youth camps for children with Type 1 diabetes in summer 2012.
Taitung & Kaohsiung, Taiwan
22 07 2012
Diabetes youth camps are a great support for children with diabetes and the Jordanian Society for the Care of Diabetes organised its own last July. With the help of Dua’a, Young Leader from Jordan, the first Arabic Diabetes Kids camp was organized in Jordan, attracting not only children from Jordan, but also from neighbouring countries who speak Arabic. In total, 50 children attended the camp and had the chance to get educated about diabetes by playing games and sharing their experiences.
Ajlun, Jordan
18 07 2012
The Intercultural Youth Diabetes Education Project, organized by Young Leader Koen Biesemans from Belgium, took place in Puntižela, Croatia from 18th to 27th of July 2012. The main goal of this project was to get the youth familiarized with different cultures and to help them improve their everyday life. As diabetes places an extra burden on their shoulders, the camp was meant to help them to deal with that it in two ways:
Puntižela ,
14 07 2012
July saw the 2nd and final meeting of the development group for the Diabetes UK Young Leaders Advisory Group. Their role was to help co-create with Diabetes UK a network of young leaders to act as a bespoke voice for young adults aged 16-30. They have now decided on the structure of the council with a planned first meeting in November 2012.
United Kingdom, United Kingdom
13 07 2012
A group of 23 Young Leaders in diabetes from 21 countries across Europe met in Rogla, Slovenia, from 13 to 20 July to take part in the 2nd edition of IDF Europe Summer Youth Camp. The aim of the camp is to get youth familiarized with different types of advocacy, campaigning activities and strategic planning methods at a pan-European level and to introduce them to the work of IDF Europe The 8-day programme included a variety of sports activities with a series of interactive workshops.
04 07 2012
The months of June and July 2012 marked an unparalleled sporting summer in Europe and not only because of the Olympics in London. The European Football Championships in Poland and Ukraine in June, and, not to be outdone by the professionals, the first ever DIAEURO 2012 football tournament in Ukraine, organised with the support of Ann Pasichnichenko, Young Leader from Ukraine
Kiev, Ukraine