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2014 World Indigenous Health Conference

Indigenous Conference Services (MEES Australia) invites Indigenous and non-indigenous people from all over the world to attend this conference.

The conference is designed to bring together both government and non-government agencies to build bridges for Indigenous Health

The conference philosophy is based on the principles of sharing  information, acquiring knowledge and establishing network

Early Bird registration is NOW OPEN

Mon, 12/15/2014 to Wed, 12/17/2014

Stephanie Cesile

Hi everyone, I’m Stephanie Cesile from the sun burnt country - Australia. I’m 21 years old and have been living with type 1 diabetes since age 10. From day 1 I took control of my diabetes management with the support of my family and health care team. I began on syringes before making the big step to pens, and 5 years ago leapt into pump therapy and haven’t looked back. I am currently in my fourth year of university, studying combined degrees of business and science with the hope of being a geologist one day.

Ashley Ng

Rachel Lamb

My name is Rachel Lamb, I am a 22 year old Australian from Perth. I also have had Type 1 Diabetes for 4 years. I was diagnosed when I was 18 years old on Valentine's Day 2009. Having to spend it in hospital was one of the many things I had to come to terms with, pretty quickly! I was ill for about 8 months before anyone uncovered what was going on - family, friends, myself and medical professionals all missed every textbook warning sign (weight loss, frequent urination, increased hunger, increased thirst, fatigue, thrush, cramps, etc...).

Stephanie presents her plans at Diabetes Tasmania Forum

Sun, 12/15/2013
Stephanie’s first engagement as an Australian Young Leader in Diabetes was a very humbling experience. She had the honour in being a guest speaker at a Diabetes Tasmania Forum.

Young Western Australia Insulin Takers

Sat, 03/16/2013
In the last few months our Young Leader from Australia, Rachel Lamb, organised with her social support group, Young Western Australia Insulin Takers (YWAIT) several social meetings, like a movie night and a ‘coffee catch-up’.