IDF Young Leaders in Diabetes


The IDF Young Leaders in Diabetes (YLD) Programme was established to empower young people living with diabetes to become advocates for themselves and others living with diabetes worldwide. The Young Leaders are committed to raising awareness of diabetes by being a voice for prevention, access to basic diabetes supplies and education, quality care, improved quality of life, and in ending discrimination. The Programme identifies and supports the development of Young Leaders within the international diabetes community to empower and educate Young Leaders to support the mission of the YLD and IDF through strengthening our relationship with IDF Members.


On July 19 2016, IDF was informed of the resignation of several members of the Executive Council of the IDF YLD Programme. YLD remains  a core programme of IDF and a critical part of IDF’s advocacy efforts in improving the lives of young people affected by diabetes. IDF is in the process of introducing a new governance structure for the programme, including a globally representative committee of Young Leaders supervised by a Steering Committee appointed by the IDF Board of Directors.


The IDF Young Leaders in Diabetes Programme is supported by: