Young Leaders from Bahrain

my name is Khadija Alarayedh from Bahrain ( middle east - MENA region - close enough to dubai if this helps!) I was born on november 3rd 1991 and I have had type 1 diabetes for 7 years now.
I was diagnoiosed with type 1 when I was 13, diabetes and being a teenager are two things that don't go together. The first few years were tough I rejected the idea, the isolated myself and practically lived in a bubble. Due to lack of education of people in my country my mother was blamed for giving me diabetes "as if that was possible!", and I was blamed for not taking care of my health or not eating well " comeon I was a teenager it was normal". Going out with groups or friends or even my far family was the hardest I used to run to the bathroom to take my injection, and come back fast enough for anyone to notice I was gone. School was a nightmare when I experienced hypos in class again in run to the bathroom to eat anything I have in my pockets. That was not a healthy way to live for anyone. I didn't know any one else who had diabetes except for my grandparents which did not help, and kept me right where I was in my small small bubble.