Young Leaders from Belgium

Hello I am Kevin Van De Casteele and I'm the chairman for the youth group of the Flemish Diabetes Association.

We organize activities and camps for children with diabetes.
Each year we try to achieve more for children with diabetes.

For instance in 2012 we will try to organize an international camp of children with diabetes all over the world.

In december I attended the world congress from the IDF in Dubai and I must say I was overwhelmed.
I've met a lot of people with the same passion for diabetes as I have.
I made a lot of good relationships with people from all over the world.
thank you all !!!

Together we will build a better world for people with diabetes.

My name is Koen. Since five years I am a member of the youth commission of the Flemish Diabetes Association (Vlaamse Diabetes Vereniging) in Belgium. This commission is a voice for young people with diabetes. We also organize activities for those young diabetics. The concept of the activities is simple. Let me explain it based on an analogy.

Diabetes makes you carry an extra weight with you every day again. Luckily, there are tricks to carry the weight.
First, when you can share this weight with someone else, it is easier to carry. With the activities, we make young people discover they don’t stand alone. They receive the unique opportunity to make new friends, build self-confidence and certainly learn something they did not know before. They can share their thoughts and experiences with peers who understand them.
Also, when you are convinced that the extra weight is not heavy at all, it is much easier to carry. We reach this goal by making diabetes something common. During the activities we play games related to diabetes. An example might be a detective game where someone get murdered with an overdose of insulin. Here, the young diabetics can make jokes about diabetes. Even better is when they are proud to have diabetes. Also this gets accomplished with games.

Margot Vanfleteren was born on the 23th of November 1993 in Oostende. Oostende is a coastal village at the Belgian coast.

In her free time she likes to spend time with friends & family. She also prefers some challenge in her daily life. Therefor sport is a perfect way to challenge herself.
Margot completed her secondary degree in Human science & classical science. Since September 2012 she studies Law in Brussels. Furthermore she is also an AIESECer in the track ER/external relations.
When Margot won the Lions Young ambassador Award in 2011 she started to fulfil a dream to educate people about diabetes. A game was born. The educational game received the name Marjore. Nowadays the game is in full progress.

Margot has had diabetes since she was 2.5 years old. She does not really remember a lot of the time before she had diabetes. Diabetes is challenging disease for as well herself as her family and friends.
Yet Margot believes that diabetes has given her lot. It shows her life through a completely different point of view and therefor she is thankful. It made her grow up faster and realize that in life you should try to cherish every moment.

My name is Nicolas Vyncke, I was born in Liege in March 1991, one of the biggest cities of the French speaking part of Belgium, where I still live today. I am currently in my fourth year of medical studies.
When I am not studying medicine, I like doing sports such as: sailing, running, biking, canoeing, swimming, skiing and so on.

In January 1999, when I was 7 years old, I was diagnosed with diabetes by my GP. I had to be hospitalised for 10 days to stabilize my diabetes and to learn how to manage it. Because I was diagnosed quite young, I don’t really remember life without diabetes.

My name is Timothée Froment, I was born in 1991 in Brussels and my passion is sailing.
Seven years ago, whilst I was living in Gabon with my family, I began to regularly experience Hypoglycemia after exercising. My mother was worried about the frequency at which this was happening so she decided to take me to the hospital for further analysis. The result was strange because the common symptoms of diabetes weren’t present, however,the doctor advised us to go for further analysis when we returned to my home country of Belgium.