Young Leaders from Croatia

My name is Danijela Susilovic and I am from Croatia. I was born on the 15th January 1993. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2008. Beside Elementary school, I graduated in primary musical school and I play tamburica, piano and organ. I am undergraduate student of food technology. In my free time I'm volunteering to raise awareness about diabetes and to help other people who are not in possibility to take care of themselves.

Diabetes opened my eyes and took me to the path of reality. Thanks to it, I became more aware of the situation and the environment in which we live in. I got the power and duty to change and to raise awareness, not only about diabetes but also with other things that are associated with it, like lifestyle, diet, exercising...
My greatest challenge in living with diabetes is to encourage people to take responsibility for themselves in the first place, and to accept diabetes “from the inside”. Besides that, challenge that I am facing on almost daily basis, is to convince people with diabetes to join their local communities and associations. There they will not only find necessary support, but also evolve in every way.

As a Young leader I would like to inspire all the young people with diabetes to join their local Croatian associations so that we can complement each other, share ideas and work together in all future projects.

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