Young Leaders from Faroe Islands

My name is Líggjas Samuelsen, I am from the Faroe Islands, and Faroe Islands are in the middle of the Atlantic sea north of Brittan and south of Iceland, with 18 small islands. I live on the second biggest island called Eysturoy in a town called Saltangará.
In the Faroe Islands there are living 50 thousand people there are people living on 16 of the 18 islands

My diabetes story starts when I am nine years old in 1999, I got diagnosed on the 23 of February that also is my cousins birthday, I went to the hospital in the capitol and was there for a few days so that my doctors could teach me how to inject my insulin and measure my blood sugar, for me it wasn’t a big challenge being a diabetic, I began injecting my self the day after I got the diagnose.
I became a member of the Faroese diabetes association right away, and my parents were part of a parents group so they would meet from time to time. Once I was in Denmark at a camp to meet other children with diabetes.