Young Leaders from Finland

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My name is Nelli Bäckman and I come from Finland. I graduated from High School in 2005 and from University of Applied Sciences as a Bachelor of Business Administration in 2010. Between High School and after University I've studied history, communications and pedagogics, but just more as a hobby. For the past four years I have worked in an Vocational School for adults as a Student Affairs Secretary.

I was diagnosed with diabetes during the Easter holiday in 1989, just before I turned 4. Since I have lived with it for so long I really do not have any memories of being "healthy". Actually, my first childhood memories are from a hospital where I spent two weeks after diagnosed. Because of my lack of memories from a "healthy" life I do not consider my self ill, I see diabetes more as a lifestyle and a part of my personality. My parents have also helped a lot, they have never really made any exceptions or treated me differently than my non-diabetic little sister.

My greatest challenge right now is to overcome the way of I see my diabetes (described above). Since I do not see it as a disease it is really a challenge to treat my self right. Even though I have all the equipments, good medical care and even a lot of motivation it all comes down to weather I see my self ill or not.