Young Leaders from Gambia

I am Lamin Dibba from Gambia, West Africa. Presently I am pursuing a bachelor degree at the Gambia University, and my major area of study is Development Studies with a minor in Public and Environmental Health. I have lived with diabetes for thirteen years. Presently I am the president of the Young Gambian Diabetes Association which is under the main association (The Gambia Diabetes Association). This young association is created by us; young people with type 1 diabetes since 2006 and we are supported by the German Gambia Diabetes Project. Right now the membership is almost at 50 members due to the fact that new young people are diagnosed.
After graduating from senior school, I was teaching for two years in our native village school from 2009 to 2010 before starting the University. Teaching is a hobby of mine since I was a child and it keeps me close to books. Most people call me book worm back home.