Young Leaders from Gambia

I am Lamin Dibba, from Gambia, West Africa. I am twenty-six years old and have been living with diabetes since the age of thirteen.I have survived despite the struggle faced by me and my family. Today I am a fresh graduate from the University of Gambia with a BA in Development Studies.

I have been part of the fight for diabetes in The Gambian Diabetes Association, as a Young Leader diagnosed in 2003. This has afforded me the ability to form the Young Gambian Diabetes Association in 2006. So far so good, I continue to serve and dedicate my life to this cause since the beginning of my journey.

Today I have represented my country at national and international level as a Young Leader and in the service of my country. A Young Leader in Diabetes, I remain.

My belief is "The Future is not a Gift but an Achievement". Together there is a better tomorrow.