Young Leaders from Georgia

I am from Georgia, Tbilisi. Like in many developed and developing countries every year in my country it is also growing the number of people with Diabetes.

Diabetes is a big challenge in Georgia. Although the government gives us insulin, test stripes, glucose monitors, we still have a big problem. The financial resources for giving good insulin to people after age 18 is limited or sometimes even not funded. We have a highly qualified doctors and medicine Centres who work on that global problem. We have a different state programs and projects that help people with Diabetes for their analysis and diagnostics.

It is already 20th year since I was diagnosed with the diabetes. I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was only 2. Luckily I had great doctors around me who gave me a right rules so that I was able to grow up cheerful. I have a family with me who treated me how to live with a new and a different face of life.
First I had a contact with the children with diabetes was when I was 9. I was writing in a Georgian magazine called “Your friend” and in that collective some children were working with diabetes.
Then I finished school and graduated from my University. I have finished the School of Law. Then I become a licensed solicitor and at the moment I am working as a licensed solicitor in a civil and administrative law in a Law firm.