Young Leaders from Italy

Hello to everybody, my name is Luca and I'm 19 years old and I'm from Parma, Italy.
I was graduated in classical high school in my city and now I frequent the University of Parma, studying Political Science and International Relations.
Moreover I'm a Dj and I produce electronic music..

I have diabetes since 2005 and I started the same year to join in the Summer Camp for young people with diabetes.
Growing up I started helping my association during the same kind of summer camp and during the party organized, for example, for Cristhmas.
Moreover some time ago I joined in the ANIAD (Associazione Nazionale Italiana Atleti con Diabete).
With this association I partecipated at the Summer Camp of Slovenia of IDF and after, in December, in Dubai, at this Project.. and now I'm in fact one of the member of Young Leaders In Diabetes..
Moreover I'm forming an italian group called "Young Leaders Italia" to form a group that can do something in my nation with the point of view of young people!