Young Leaders from Norway


My name is Ida, I'm 29 years old and I've had diabetes since 1992, over 19 years.

Currently I work as the leader of the Norwegian Ungdiabetes (Young diabetes), which is part of the Diabetesforbundet (Norwegian Diabetes Association).

I have been helping peole with diabetes, as either a worker or volunteer for the Norwegian Diabetes Association, for 11 years now. During this time I've arranged yearly camps for young people with diabetes. As the leader of Ungdiabetes, I am also a member of the national board in the Norwegian diabetes association, part of my role is to help arrange national camps and conferences for other young diabetes volunteers from all over Norway.

I think one of the most important things we can do as an association, is to create systems and opportunities for people with diabetes to meet, share ideas and support each other. Diabetes can be a difficult disease to live with, and it's easy to feel alone and an outsider in the society. Therefore by having things like national camps, conferences, facebook groups and discussion forums to share experiences and help us realise that the challenges we meet are the same, we can remove that feeling of loneliness.