Young Leaders from Serbia

My name is Jelena Marković and I am from Serbia (Belgrade). I was born on the 16th October 1986. I graduated from University of Philosophy (I have Bachelor degree in pedagogy), and currently I am finnishing my Master thesis in Human Resources. For the past year and a half I am working in high school as a pedagogue. I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 1991, just before I turned 5. My mother also has Type 1 diabetes, so she recognized all the symptoms.

I am living with my diabetes for almost 22 years. There are no moment when I felt different, or I couldn't do anything with my life because of diabetes. Diabetes is a part of my, my sweet companion, and I am treated it with a respect. For this kind of attitude I can thank my parents, especially my mother who knows what is like to have low blood sugar, or high blood sugar and other things.

At the moment my great challenge is to encourage people in Serbia to deal with their diabetes. To help them realize they can manage their own diabetes, and maybe the most important - that they are not alone!
For me, the challenge is to treat my self better. I am seeking for perfection.

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