Young Leaders from Singapore

Hello fellow youth leaders. I find typing a paragraph of self introduction rather painful. So I am going to simplify it.
• First Name: Pei Yan
• Last Name: Heng
• Age: 28
• D.O.B.: 19 March 1986
• Diabetes history: 17 years 9 months (I was first diagnosed with type 1 but gradually, my doctor progressed me to type 2. I have yet to fully understand my medical history.)
• Date of diagnosis: 7 June 1996
• Education:I have a Degree in Mathematics with minor in Physics and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education. I am currently doing Master Degree in Science Communication (Part-time).
• Occupation:Full-time teacher (I teach Mathematics and Science at Secondary level, equivalent to 8th-11th Grade)

About myself:
I am a volunteer nature guide, and I care about the marine biodiversity in Singapore and I record the observations from various survey trips that I helped with on my blog. I am also a recreational Advance Open Water certified diver.
I am part of the core team of SugarRush, the Teen Support wing of a Diabetes Support Group of a local hospital.