Young Leaders from USA

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Erin Little is the founder of Sucre Blue, a non-profit focused around healthcare access and affordability and has worked with multiple social investors including LGT Venture Philanthropy and Acumen Fund. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for Young Professionals Chronic Disease Network, based at Harvard Global Equity Initiative. Erin is a delegate of the International Diabetes Federation Young Leader programme for both India and America and is the South East Asia Chair. Erin is an active member of the start-up community, mentoring with Gaza Sky Geeks, and recently completing the accelerator programme at Draper University in Silicon Valley.

USA, Berkeley CA 10 am October 15th 1994, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Founder of non-profit DASH Sports Education, in 1 ½ years we have positively impacted over 500 diverse youth living with diabetes and over 200 parents and family members to believe and realize that they can thrive because of diabetes. I Graduated from Pitzer College with degrees in Psychology and Sociology in 2010, was a professional athlete in Belgium from 2010 to 2011, and I am a current student to become a physician assistant specializing in diabetes care. In addition I work as a Patient Advocate and Health Coach at Highland Hospital to aid patients and doctors in building a common rapport based on a patient centered approach, I am also on the Young Adult Board for UCSF's Transition Program, where I train nursing students on diabetes care from Samuel Merritt University, and direct the Diabetes and Spiritual Health Program in Bali Indonesia.

Managing lows on a daily basis is my greatest struggle. In playing a lot of sports and being active my blood sugar drops low (below 60mg/dl) several times per week. It’s difficult to maintain tight control of BG’s while finding a balance with hypoglycemia. Practice and routine makes it a little less difficult but overall managing a low in the morning before a heavy workday has been my most difficult challenge.

I am Robert Brooks from the United States. I am 26 years old and I've been living with Type 1 diabetes for the past 24 years. I joined the YLD programme in 2013 and have been an Ex-Officio Member of the Executive Council since elected in Melbourne. I am incredibly passionate about healthcare technology, especially as it relates to diabetes. What excites me most is that this intersection of healthcare and technology enables new approaches, therapies and healthcare delivery models that have tremendous capabilities to improve quality of life and provide access to care and education. I work at a digital health start-up called Livongo Health based out of Mountain View, California, and have been there for nearly 4 years.

Additionally, I actively mentor children with diabetes and work with many organizations such as AADE, ADA, JDRF and the Joslin Diabetes Center. I studied Business Law and Communications at Boston College, worked as an EMT and have an extensive background in mHealth and telemedicine. The YLD programme has been one of the greatest experiences in my life and I am honored to continue my role as Ex-Officio for the Executive Council over the next 2 years.